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A Dear by Rien Poortvliet

A Dear by Rien Poortvliet - Lyklema Fine Art

Many know Rien Poortvliet from the gnome drawings and the illustrated children's book 'Te Hay en te Gras'. Let me be honest, that's why I didn't take him very seriously as an artist, but I have to adjust my opinion. For example, he is one of the few who can 'capture' a deer in his paintings. As if you are face to face with him. Time to visit his museum.

There is a surplus of deer in the Netherlands and they can therefore be hunted. Just like geese (and even crows), we can enjoy it honestly. Especially now that the big game management season has opened again around October 15. It reminds me of all the wild evenings in my parents' restaurant. They were already members of Wild Eten in the Achterhoek in the early 1990s. A collaboration that still exists.

Enough inspiration for a main course from Ree. Make a puree of potatoes and sprouts. Add to a game glaze, fried Shi-I-Taken and serve with port jelly pearls (made with Agar Agar). Fry the roe steak as you would fry a tenderloin. Let it finish cooking on the preheated plate and serve with a Malbec. Wild evening guaranteed.

Prepare as below, in this case a slowly cooked beetroot and a beetroot cooked in vinegar with a beetroot mouse.

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