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Cod by Dijsselhof

De Kabeljauw van Dijsselhof - Lyklema Fine Art

Art & Food

Lyklema Fine Art is working on a fun and inspiring project: Art & Food. Well-known and lesser-known works of art are described and serve as inspiration for a dish. We get inspiration from everywhere. Where possible we mention the origin of the photos. The dishes are often improved recipes from works that we could find in cookbooks and online.

The first dish was inspired by a work by Dijsselhof and we made the following dish: Cod with bacon and pea puree. Gerrit Willem Dijsselhof was one of the most important artists of the New Art, the name under which Jugendstil/Art Nouveau became known in the Netherlands. By studying fauna and flora he wanted to create a new art through 'natural means'. He mainly studied and drew plants and animals in Artis. He has painted hundreds of works with eels, plaice, gurnards, boxfish and lobsters. Dijsselhof has its own unique atmosphere with muted lighting effects. He aptly depicts the crude movements of the animals. The background is painted upwards in loose, winding lines, which creates rhythm. If you really want to eat well, it is about smell, taste and an attractive and refined layout. One in which you do justice to the ingredients and arrange them in a way that creates harmony in the presentation.

There are several basic ways to 'plate' a board. A round basic shape quickly looks nice, and you can also work upwards, just like Dijsselhof. Because the flavors come together nicely, it is a very culinary composition. It is easiest to work with a ring in which you build up layer by layer. Just like in painting.

Cod with a cream of peas with pancetta.

120 grams of cod per person 100 grams of peas Mint Cooking cream Salt pepper Pancetta Arugula Lemon oil Boil the peas until al dente and puree, add cream and season with mint and salt and pepper. Fry the pancetta and fry the cod (lightly salted and dipped in flour) in the rest of the fat until golden brown. Make a circle of pea cream on a preheated plate, place the cod on top and then the pancetta. Garnish with rocket and a slice of lemon. Drizzle with lemon oil.

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