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The Hare of Dürer

De Haas van Dürer - Lyklema Fine Art

The Young Hare is a painting by the German artist Albrecht Dürer. Painted in 1502 in his studio. It is recognized as a masterpiece of observational art and has photographic accuracy. The fur was captured with a variety of dark and light brushstrokes in both watercolor and paint with the light coming from the left. This light illuminates every hair tip. There are a few refined details such as the whiskers and the minute reflection of a window in the hare's eye. It seems as if the beast is looking at us. This was the inspiration for us for a pate with hare fillet, as an eye in the middle. Numerous copies of the painting were made: at least twelve are known by contemporaries. Therefore, this recipe is for approximately 12 people. Dürer kept diaries. After his death, his books on mathematical proportion theory were published. This work hangs in Museum Albertina in Vienna.

Wild pate with hare

200 grams. Fat bacon (white powder) without rind

300 grams of chicken liver

200 grams Pheasant thigh (or chicken)

200 grams Butter

¼ spoon of salt

dash of cognac

dash of truffle oil,

little ground pepper

1 egg

150 grams of smoked bacon..

Chop the fresh bacon in the food processor for 10 minutes. Add the chicken liver and pheasant thigh and chop for another 10 minutes. Add a dash of cognac, truffle oil, salt and pepper.

In the meantime, cut the smoked bacon, preferably frozen because it is easier to cut, into long slices. Place it on a double layer of foil to cover the pâté pan (like a cake pan). Carefully pick up the bacon wrap and place it in the pan. Lay it parallel by pressing it into the corners.

Check that the mixture is well mixed (in the food processor) and slowly add the melted butter. Finally, add an egg as a binding agent. Pass the mixture through a sieve and empty it thoroughly with a wooden spatula. You can bake a little bit to taste it and if it needs more seasoning. 

Pour into the mold so that it is evenly distributed. Place the bacon on top with the foil, make sure the foil remains clean otherwise the substance will get on top of the bacon. Do not fold the ends inward.

Bake in the oven for half an hour at a temperature of 90 degrees. Then remove half of the filling, place the hare fillets in it and place the filling back on. Cook for another half hour at 90 degrees to a core temperature of 60 degrees. When it is ready, apply pressure with, for example, a baking stone in aluminum foil to remove any air (+ 3 hours).

Serve with onion compote and port jelly. This can be deposited in the shape of a hare by cutting out a print of Durer's drawing.

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