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Grilled melon by Raedecker

Gegrilde meloen van Raedecker - Lyklema Fine Art

Raedecker painted colorfully and in round shapes. Fruit was a popular subject, including in the gouchae that we sell: A Mediterranean landscape with melons. The colorful scene looks sweet because of the color scheme, but is powerful at the same time. It inspired us to make a salad of grilled melon with Parma ham ice cream.

Grilled melon with Parma ham ice cream

200 g Parma ham 500 g milk 12.5 g milk powder 12 egg yolks 62.5 g trimoline (sucrose), 1 ripe melon.

Cut the Parma ham into fine strips. Heat the milk and let the Parma ham steep in milk for 10 hours. Strain the mixture and then add the egg yolks, trimoline and milk powder to the milk. Heat while stirring until the mass thickens. (up to 85°C) Then let it cool and turn the ice cream in a machine. then place in the freezer for at least a few hours.
Grill the melon on the BBQ or in a grill pan and serve with the Parma ice cream


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