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Smoked eel from Dijkstra

Gerookte paling van Dijkstra - Lyklema Fine Art

This colorful painting by Johan Dijkstra hangs in the Singer and is part of the Nardinc collection. After founding De Ploeg, Dijkstra left for Amsterdam to take classes at the Rijksakademie. In 1920 he returned to Groningen permanently. On this canvas he captures the drying traps of the eel fishery in all their colorful splendor in brightly colored simplified shapes in a very modern way. In the background a farm on the Rietdiep where the Ploeg Painters can so often be found. It inspired us to make a salad of Jerusalem artichoke with eel.aardpeer paling - njam TV

Boil the Jerusalem artichoke until al dente. Mix with the eel. Season with a dash of olive oil, hazelnut oil, finely chopped parsley, salt and pepper


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