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Pompkin salad by Nibbrig

Pompoen salade van Nibbrig - Lyklema Fine Art

A Goois couple poses as Philemon and Baucis in a modern interpretation of Ovid's classic about hospitality. The couple sits, completely at rest, under a pumpkin plant.

The story is told in book 8 of the Metamorphoses. Jupiter and Mercury go in human form in search of a resting place in the Phrygian hills. They visit a thousand houses until they are welcomed by the pious and old poor couple Philemon and Baucis. When the wine jug fills itself again after pouring, they understand that they are being visited by gods.

In 1901, reviewers found this painting too harsh in color and too bright in light. Now we think it's a great painting. The paint test is small and refined and consists of many colors and layers. It inspired us to make a roasted pumpkin salad with dried tomatoes and mozzarella.

Grill the pumpkin until it almost falls apart and is cooked just like grandma would. Crush this on a platter and sprinkle with olive oil and finely chopped dried tomatoes. Place buffalo mozzarella on top and garnish with pumpkin seeds, arugula, some lemon juice and salt and pepper.

Art & Food Pompoen salade Mozzarrella van Nibbrig


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