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Miniatures on ivory

Miniaturen op ivoor - Lyklema Fine Art

Lyklema Fine Art bought 2 miniatures on ivory which they then sold to a specialist in this field in London. So much for the easy part. In order to get the works into England, an export permit had to be obtained after Brexit. A CITES declaration that the Ivory is from before 1870 is also required. Finding a carrier familiar with the right paths for export was the final hurdle. The works have now returned to England. The lead time for the export issues was about three months.

The works were created by Sarah Biffin who painted these miniatures with the brush between her teeth. Due to an illness she was born without arms and legs. The fact that the works are so detailed and that the portrayed Mrs Anna Eliza Rauch was so famous at that time makes these works extra special. Miniatures are a sought-after collector's item. Works on ivory always have something bright and refined about them.

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