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Fresh from the Market by Glover

Vers van de Markt van Glover - Lyklema Fine Art

We sold this work by Ablade Glover at an international auction in 2022. A top work by an artist we keep an eye on. His technique of applying paint with a palette knife and using colors is original and provides depth and a shade that integrates. We also like to go to the market for our groceries for dinners because of the cacophony, the conviviality, the freshness and the wide range and yet also the coarseness of things. Just like this painting. But if you search, you will find the most beautiful ingredients for a meal.

At the potato farmer we go for sweet potatoes to make our own fries. At the cheesemonger we get a range of Dutch cheeses for a cheese plate and farmer's yoghurt. At the greengrocer we go for lots of fresh fruit, ginger, forgotten vegetables such as salsify and pointed cabbage with which we make kimchi later that day. We also get some sauerkraut, a red pepper and fresh herbs. For the kimchi we also need fresh almonds from the nut farmer. While we're there, we buy some pine nuts and walnuts for the rest of the week. We get a nice piece of monkfish and some scallops from the fish stable. Of course we go home with a bunch of fresh flowers.

Our market menu

  • Sea bass ceviche with grapefruit, lime, ginger and fresh pepper
  • Sauerkraut with fried scallops with vanilla sauce
  • BBQ roasted pointed cabbage with parsley kimchi with hazelnuts
  • Monkfish with pancetta on salsify puree and sweet potato fries
  • Dutch cheese plate
  • Fresh fruit with yoghurt yoghurt
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