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Onigiri van Seurat

Onigiri van Seurat - Lyklema Fine Art

For two years, Seurat made dot after dot of paint to create his most famous work, two by three meters in size. It's all made up of little dots of pure color. The unmixed colors create a stronger brightness than the mixed ones. The eyes make it whole.

Pontilist George Seurat


Georges Seurat is considered the inventor of this style: Pontilism and the founder of Neo-Impressionism. Seurat was always looking for harmony between contrasts, colors and lines. Yet this precise technique leaves room for interpretation. Just like the dish. Build it from small cut ingredients and the smallest Sushi rice grains you can find.

The lunch snack: Onigiri

Onigiri is great for a picnic or as a simple snack. Onigiri is the Japanese word for 'rice ball' or 'musubi' and literally means rice that you can hold in your hand. There are different types of onigiri because you can put any filling you like in it or just eat the rice without the filling.

Sushi rice
Filling such as tuna, tofu, avocado, omelette
Sesame and/or poppy seeds

Wasabi to taste
Seaweed sheets
Triangle onigiri shapes


Onigiri - Foodwiki -

Cover the molds with plastic foil and then with slightly damp seaweed sheets to make them easier to fold. Make sure you place it well over it because the shape must be able to fold closed if you want to completely wrap the rice in the seaweed. Fill with a layer of sushi rice, press well, then place a layer of your chosen filling on top and then another layer of sushi rice. Fold the plastic wrap closed. Place in the refrigerator and take with you to your picnic a few hours later. In between, you can unwrap the onigiri and dip it in the lightly roasted sesame seeds as shown below. As you can imagine, you can create entire works of art from it.

Easy Onigiri お握り (Japanese Rice Balls) - Drive Me Hungry


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