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(Chocolade) Splash from Hockney

(Chocolade) Splash van Hockney - Lyklema Fine Art

David Hockney (Bradford, 1937) is an English artist and one of the best-known and most beloved artists of our time.  In 1964 he settled in California where he developed a more realistic method of painting. From that moment on he used acrylic paint. Common themes in his work are people from his immediate environment, swimming pools, portraits and landscapes. Then he also gets a label from a pop art artist that he always resisted. Later he starts to incorporate photos into his paintings and collages. Hockney is known to have synesthesia, a trait in which one can see or taste music or words as colors. How divine. Throughout his career, Hockney has been investigating how old masters translate spatial reality onto the flat surface using optical aids such as lenses and mirrors.

The dynamics of the splash contrast strongly with the static and rigid geometry of the house, the pool edge, the naive-looking palm trees and the striking yellow diving board, all of which are carefully arranged in a grid with the splash. This gives the painting a disjointed effect that is definitely intentional. The effect is one of stylization and artificiality. He said in his autobiography: 'First of all, I like the idea of ​​painting like Leonardo, all his studies of water, spinning things. And I loved the idea of ​​painting this that takes two seconds: it takes me two weeks to paint. This event that lasts two seconds.”

The work reminded us of a documentary by Grant Achatz, a chef from Chicago. This man temporarily lost his taste due to cancer, but he knows how to come up with the most beautiful flavor combinations by 'simply' visualizing and rationalizing flavors. Achatz is also a true artist, just look him up. For example, he serves this dish in Art & Food on the table with a Splash.

Chocolate splash filled with fruit bombs, cheese and more

Chocolate 300 grams
Silicone spherical shape large and small
Crackling powder
Passion fruit
Blue cheese

  • Melt chocolate and add crackling powder and pour into large silicone molds to form a half sphere
  • Boil the passion fruit and raspberry and gel them into balls with gelatine leaves and pour into silicone mold.
  • Also make balls of the blue cheese & caramel
  • Place two scoops of each flavor in the chocolate ball
  • Melt the two hemispheres together
  • Serve on an oblong plate (or directly on the tablecloth) with drops of passion fruit, chocolate sauce and scoops of coconut ice cream
  • Spalsh the balls immediately after you place them on the table
  • The fruits and flavor explosions then provide an extra flavor explosion


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