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Sillonist Jean Gouweloos

Sillonist Jean Gouweloos - Lyklema Fine Art

Jean Léon Henri Gouweloos (Brussels 1868 - 1943 Brussels) was a Belgian painter, poster artist and lithographer. Before he started his art training at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, he lived in Paris, where he drew posters. At the Academy he was taught by the famous genre painter Jean Portaels.

From 1887 he exhibited all his works in Brussels and Namur and later in Paris, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Munich. He was a member of the artists' group "Voorsprong" (1891) and later also Sillon.

Around 1900 he gained even more fame and praise for his paintings of swimmers on the northern Belgian coast. In addition to seascapes and landscapes, he is known for his interiors with smoking ladies who seem lost in thought. The light plays an important role in his work, which he 'captures' in broad, loose brushstrokes

During the First World War he lived in Domburg and later in Scheveningen. Several important Belgian museums have his work, such as "The Bath" (1907) by the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the work "reverie" (see blog above) can be seen in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

Dancer with a Necklace-Wiki
1900-Dancer with a Necklace


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