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Cheese and olives from the market

Kaas en olijven van de markt - Lyklema Fine Art
This work of art has been hanging in our kitchen/diner for a few weeks now. And since then we have been buying more on the market again. Art inspires. We've probably said it before. The market is fun anyway. The atmosphere. The fresh flowers, a herring at the fishmonger and just vegetables. Lots of vegetables for the whole week. Delicious fresh products that are easier to obtain on that specific weekday. Just around the corner here. Super nice. There is also a stall with 30 types of olives. From sweet to salty, from soft to hard and with all kinds of herbs. We often take two or three varieties with us and also a few dried tomatoes because they give sauces so much more depth of flavor. We take some cheese from the cheese farmer for those moments in the evening when we are still a little hungry. And let's be honest that's almost seven days a week. There is nothing better at such a moment than a piece of cheese, preferably a pecorino or Rijpenaar. And if possible, a dried date or fig for an extra moment of enjoyment.
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