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Jan Toorop - Lyklema Fine Art

Jan Toorop

Jan (Johannes Theodorus) Toorop (Poerworedjo 1858 – The Hague 1928) was one of the most important Dutch visual artists from the period 1880-1910. Wherever he went he had a great influence and was m...
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Jozef Israëls - Lyklema Fine Art

Jozef Israëls

Jozef Israëls (Groningen 1824 – 1911 The Hague) was one of the leading Dutch painters of the Hague School. Jozef was born into a Jewish family with a lot of attention for the Jewish community, reli...
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Klaas Gubbels - Lyklema Fine Art

Klaas Gubbels

The main characters in the oeuvre of Klaas Gubbels (Rotterdam, 1934) are a coffee pot, usually called a kettle by himself, a table, a cup and sometimes, very occasionally, a female figure, a cat or...
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Anton Mauve - Lyklema Fine Art

Anton Mauve

Anton Mauve was a watercolourist, painter and draftsman and was born on September 18, 1838 in Zaandam and died in May 1888 in Arnhem. Mauve was the son of a Mennonite minister. He wanted to become ...
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Kees van Dongen in het Singer - Lyklema Fine Art

Kees van Dongen in Singer

Kees van Dongen is one of the great Dutch painters born in 1877 in Delfshaven in a relatively small family with four children. His father owned two malthouses. Unlike many artists, Kees is given co...
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George Hendrik Breitner - Lyklema Fine Art

George Hendrik Breitner

Breitner (Rotterdam 1857-1923) was the painter of Amsterdam City Life. Painter of dynamics and melancholy. Many Amsterdammers will consider him to be the painter par excellence who managed to captu...
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Jan Voerman jr. - Lyklema Fine Art

Jan Voerman jr.

Jan Voerman (Hattem 1890 - 1976 Blaricum) was the son of Jan Voerman Sr. from whom he learned the use of watercolor and oil paint. As a child he was fascinated by the world of plants and insects. A...
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Willem de Kooning - Lyklema Fine Art

Willem de Kooning

De Kooning was born in Rotterdam in 1904 into a broken family. From 1916 to 1920 he worked for an art dealer and took classes at the art academy in the evenings. He thought painting was something f...
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