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Reinier Lucassen - Lyklema Fine Art

Reinier Lucassen

Reinier Lucassen (Amsterdam 1939) is a Dutch painter. Lucassen studied at the Institute for Applied Arts Education in Amsterdam. From 1960 onward, he developed a figurative painting style that com...
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Expressionist yet Figurative Beckman - Lyklema Fine Art

Expressionist yet Figurative Beckman

Max Carl Friedrich Beckmann (Leipzig 1884 –1950 New York) was a German painter, printmaker, sculptor, and writer. Although he is classified as an Expressionist artist, he rejected both the term and...
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Traumatised Armando - Lyklema Fine Art

Traumatised Armando

Herman Dirk van Dodeweerd (Amsterdam 1929-2018 Potsdam) was a Dutch sculptor, painter, writer, and violinist who adopted the name Armando as an artist and became an influential figure ...
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Modernist Jan Sluijters - Lyklema Fine Art

Modernist Jan Sluijters

Jan Sluijters (Den Bosch 1881-1957) is the master of Dutch modernism. An outstanding aspect of Sluijters' work is the diversity of styles and subjects he tackled. From colorful fauvist...
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Lonely Fernard Khnopff - Lyklema Fine Art

Lonely Fernard Khnopff

Fernand Edmond Jean Marie Khnopff (Grembergen 1858 – 1921 Brussels) was one of Belgium's greatest symbolist painters, sculptors, and designers. Symbolist artists utilized dreams to access a world b...
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Gerard Hordyk - Lyklema Fine Art

Dreamer Gerard Hordyk

Gerardus Hordijk (The Hague 1899 – 1958 Amsterdam) was a Dutch graphic artist, illustrator, set designer and painter. Gerard studied architecture in Delft, simultaneously attending the Academy of ...
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Magical Pyke Koch - Lyklema Fine Art

Magical Pyke Koch

Pieter Frans Christiaan Koch (Berg en Dal 1901-1991 Wassenaar) is one of the most significant representatives of neo- or magical realism. He painted exceptionally detailed depictions that were poss...
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'One day' Sculpturist Tajiri - Lyklema Fine Art

'One day' Sculpturist Tajiri

Shinkichi Tajiri was a Japanese-American artist born in Los Angeles in 1923 and passed away in Baarlo, Limburg, in 2009. Despite his American background, he found his home in in the south of the N...
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