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News — Kunstgeschiedenis

The powerful Salon - Lyklema Fine Art

The powerful Salon

The Salon was (and is) a magical concept in art. Reputations were made and broken here, especially when Paris was the cultural capital of Europe. The first salon, l'exposition, took place in 1648 a...
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Art village Laren - Lyklema Fine Art

Art village Laren

From the mid-19th century, paint was available in tubes and this made it possible to paint outdoors; the environment mattered and applying the paint was faster (and less refined and precise) than i...
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The influence of industrialization - Lyklema Fine Art

The influence of industrialization

In the time of Hals, Rembrandt and Vermeer, painters made their own paint by mixing oil, pigment and turpentine. The palette of the golden age therefore consists of earthy colors, such as ocher and...
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Expressionisme in Nederland - Lyklema Fine Art

Expressionism in the Netherlands

Dutch expressionism cannot be seen outside the international context. In the Netherlands, expressionism gained a foothold between Amsterdam and Bergen. And a little later in the East, where Wieger ...
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Bronzen Beelden - Lyklema Fine Art

Bronze Sculptures

A bronze statue is usually cast in multiple copies. Up to and including an edition of twelve copies, one speaks of an 'original work of art', while an edition that is larger is referred to as 'mult...
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Amsterdamse Joffers - Lyklema Fine Art

Amsterdam Joffers

The Amsterdam Joffers were an influential artist group active in Amsterdam at the beginning of the 20th century that consisted exclusively of female artists. The Joffers wanted to free themselves f...
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Nieuw boek over Ger Gerrits - Lyklema Fine Art

New (dutch) book about Ger Gerrits

Koos van Brakel and Henk Walst made a book about the life of Ger Gerrits. 184 works from the collection of the National, Stedelijk and private collections are immortalized in this monograph. A must...
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