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Coly flower Willem de Zwart

Coly flower Willem de Zwart - Lyklema Fine Art

In the Kröller Müller they have this still life by Willem de Zwart. Still lifes were an important genre for a painter to refine his techniques and display his skills. At the beginning of this century, coly flower was still at the top of the list of popular vegetables. It now ranks 8 (source GfK 2022). It is a typical Dutch vegetable. We like it raw, with or without a salad, but we recently discovered the grilled version. For this we make a dressing of honey, harissa and oil and rub the blanched cauliflower with it. After 30 minutes we remove it from the oven and serve it with a fresh yoghurt with tahini and a salsa of pine nuts, lemon juice, shallots and parsley and coriander. Of course we season with salt and pepper and some almond shavings.

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